Weekly Reward System

To maintain an active and competitive community, ILLUVIA has introduced the Weekly Reward System. Under this system, the top 10 players who secure the highest payouts in a specific game will receive additional rewards on a weekly basis. This means that players who excel in their respective games and achieve top payouts will earn extra incentives, promoting active gameplay and participation in game rooms.

It's important to note that players are not required to win every single game to be eligible for these rewards. Instead, those who accumulate the largest payouts throughout the week stand a greater chance of landing in the top 10 positions for weekly payouts.

The calculation for the weekly rewards is based on the $ILLUVIA tokens used during gameplay. Specifically, 4% of the total $ILLUVIA pool from games featuring 5 or more players will be locked and then redistributed every Sunday at 00:00 UTC. As more players engage in the game, the reward pool increases in size. The distribution of rewards among the top 10 players is as follows:

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