Gaming Reward System

Unlike typical play-to-earn protocols, ILLUVIA does not follow the "pay once, earn indefinitely" play-to-earn model. It's essential for newcomers to grasp that the prevailing trend in play-to-earn games often involves projects that focus on short-term gains. Typically, when a new game is launched, there is a cohort of early adopters aiming to profit by engaging in in-game tasks and earning tokens from the protocol's reward pool. However, once this reward pool is exhausted, the game may become unable to continue rewarding its players. Consequently, the protocol loses its appeal to play-to-earn enthusiasts, resulting in its eventual decline.

ILLUVIA addresses this issue by introducing a competitive element where players vie for tokens owned by other players. Within a specific game room, there will be eight available slots for players to occupy.

ILLUVIA'S Reward System

ILLUVIA establishes a reward system in which game rewards are funded by entry fees contributed by each player. These rewards are subsequently distributed to participants based on their in-game performance and the number of active players in the gaming room at that particular time. The better a player's ranking, the larger their share of the prize pool, while those with lower scores may experience a deduction from their entry fees as part of the process.

Reward Distribution

The prize pool will not be distributed immediately after you have completed the game, but will only distributed once it has achieve either one of the following:

  1. The room has 8 players and all 8 players has everyone submitted a high score

  2. The room has been opened for 48 hours

The prize pool, distributed in the form of $ILLUVIA, will vary based on the prevailing $ILLUVIA price when the game room concludes. This is because each in-game asset is linked to a specific dollar value. Consequently, when the price of $ILLUVIA rises, the amount of $ILLUVIA received from the prize pool decreases, and when the $ILLUVIA price decreases, the $ILLUVIA reward from the prize pool increases. As a result, regardless of the fluctuations in $ILLUVIA price, players will consistently receive rewards of the same dollar value. To gain a deeper understanding of how ILLUVIA addresses the issue of depleting reward pools, please refer to the following reward distribution table:

Player Ranking% of Reward Pool Distribution

Rank 1st

35% of Reward Pool (180% Profit)

Rank 2nd

22% of Reward Pool (76% Profit)

Rank 3rd

15% of Reward Pool (20% Profit)

Rank 4th

10% of Reward Pool (20% Loss)

Rank 5th

4% of Reward Pool (66% Loss)

Rank 6th

3% of Reward Pool (76% Loss)

Rank 7th

2% of Reward Pool (84% Loss)

Rank 8th

1% of Reward Pool (92% Loss)

Weekly Reward Fees

4% of Reward Pool

Game Developer Fees

3% of Reward Pool

Platform Fees

1% of Reward Pool

Please take note that in each game room, only 3 players will emerge with a profit, while the remaining 5 players will experience a loss. In this scenario, players must vie for tokens owned by their fellow players, fostering a sustainable earnings ecosystem where the reward pool will never run out.

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