Free-to-Earn System

In order to encourage users to comfortably embrace ILLUVIA without any financial commitments, the platform has introduced the "Free-to-Earn" model. This approach aims to introduce gamers to the expansive ILLUVIA ecosystem and facilitate their inclusion on the platform without requiring any initial capital investment.

Under this model, users can engage in gameplay on the platform without the necessity of connecting to a Web3 wallet. This means that conventional gamers can enjoy the available games on the platform without encountering any barriers related to blockchain wallet operation.

Users will have the opportunity to enjoy popular ILLUVIA Games titles, including but not limited to Timeless Card and Candy Shop, entirely free of charge. Additionally, those who showcase exceptional gaming skills and secure a spot within the top 10 players of the day will receive daily rewards in the form of tickets. These tickets can be reinvested to participate in play-to-earn games, thereby unlocking further rewards, or they can be traded within the ILLUVIA Marketplace.

The distribution of rewards among the top 10 players is as follows:

  • Gold: 5 tickets

  • Silver: 4 tickets

  • Bronze: 3 tickets

  • 4th place: 2 tickets

  • 5th to 10th place: 1 ticket

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