ILLUVIA Rental serves as an NFT marketplace tailored to the blockchain gaming sector, offering NFT owners the opportunity to list their items for rent. These NFTs can be leased to others for a duration ranging from a single day to an entire year.

At present, ILLUVIA Rental boasts a diverse selection of approximately 1,000 NFT game projects that can be listed on the platform, providing an accessible option for individuals who have a keen interest in playing NFT games but may not possess the financial resources to purchase high-value NFTs outright. Through ILLUVIA Rental, users can secure rentals at incredibly affordable rates, starting from as low as $2.

Furthermore, ILLUVIA Rental empowers gamers to list their NFTs on the marketplace, enabling them to generate income by renting out in-game assets such as cards and virtual land. This feature creates new opportunities for players to monetize their gaming experiences.

Which blockchains does ILLUVIA Rental support?

ILLUVIA Rental's forthcoming NFT rental marketplace, set to debut on December 10th, will facilitate gamers in listing NFTs for sale, rent, or borrowing from others. These rental options will span timeframes ranging from a single day to an entire year.

Furthermore, ILLUVIA Rental is committed to providing support for a variety of blockchain networks. This inclusive approach ensures that players can explore and utilize NFTs from games hosted on various platforms. Supported blockchains will include Ethereum, Ronin, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Coinbase's Base network, Polygon, Immutable, and BNB Chain, expanding the versatility of the marketplace.

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