How to Start Playing

How to Get Started on ILLUVIA P2E

Step 1 : Register ILLUVIA ID

Step 2 : Enter your email address, and click on the option "get code" to verify your email

Step 3 : Enter the code that you have received on your email, and create a strong password. Once done, proceed to the next step. You may also create an ID connecting with your social media account.

Step 4 : Log in with your email and the newly created password.

Step 5 : After logging in, you'll be met with the ILLUVIA gaming portal. To connect and bind your Web3 wallet, click on the "Login" icon

Please make sure that you connect to the correct wallet. You can connect the wallet to an account ONLY ONCE, if you connect it to the wrong wallet, you will have to repeat the registration process again.

Step 6 : Connect your Web3 wallet that contains your $ILLUVIA token. Please make sure that there is a minimum of 1 $ILLUVIA in balance for gas fees

Step 7 : Go to the Deposit & Withdrawal Tab and click the "Deposit" button to make a deposit. Fill the number of $ILLUVIA tokens needed that are available in your wallet to add $ILLUVIA to your ILLUVIA Wallet balance.

If you made a deposit but the card balance is not updated, please wait for a while and try again as there are some instances where there are gas wars within the Polygon chain, causing transactions to fail.

Step 8 : Once you have $ILLUVIA token on your ILLUVIA Wallet, you can go to the games to purchase the tickets/bullets and start playing!

For more information on how much $ILLUVIA is needed to play the game, see Gaming Reward System

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